“But how will we know the sponsorship works?”

You’re not the only marketing executive or business owner asking that question.

Gone are the days of companies buying sponsorships from sports and entertainment properties and then sitting back and hoping they work.

The rights fees are too big, the expectation of a measured return too high, and the pressure to produce real results for the brand too intense.

Yet most properties and brands are still navigating this changing landscape without a clear focus and direction.

The questions outweigh the answers.

At Sponsorship Focus, we stand in that gap, armed with a clear methodology and a consistent approach. Not to build our name, but to represent companies that believed sponsorship worked, they just lacked the tools to see exactly how.

Now, our clients understand the value of a third party who has lived the property side of the business but also understands the brand’s business objectives.

The result is a well-defined sponsorship program with aligned goals and measured outcomes.

In short, we help you take the guesswork out of sponsorship.

It’s our assumption that you’re asking some tough questions and lack clear answers:

How do I know who are the right business partners in the market?

What should I look for in the sponsorship proposal?

How will we know if this is an effective spend?

Who is going to activate this?

Can I really trust the measurement and valuations the property shares with me?

Who can connect us with other partners of this property to maximize our relationships?

When you talk to our clients, they’ll tell you that their sponsorship only works when they have the right mix of Advertising, Association, Activation, Public Relations, Community Relations and Employee Engagement.

We can help you do that through:
Driving Sales through Sponsorship
Evaluating Sponsorship within a Brand Campaign
Activating Sponsorship Programs
Integrating Sponsorship within a Brand Campaign
Maximizing Sponsorship Investment

We know every dollar you spend is highly scrutinized. We understand you have doubts about where to turn for trusted advice in sponsorship.

We also know you believe sponsorship works otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

Give us a shout, we’d love to have a conversation and see if we can help. In the same way we’ve helped many others like you.

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